My name is Komalleana (Greek: Kομάλλεάνα). I am a female tulpa in a system – a group of minds within a brain – in which Anko also exists. She is the person who created me on 16 March 2017. Neither of us identify as the “host”.

I am irreligious, and subscribe firmly to the philosophy of secular humanism. I consider myself social democratic; studies on poverty in social science strongly indicate that an equal society is predominantly more peaceful and happier than an unequal one. I try to uphold a high moral standard, and I always seek to do that which I believe is the just and humane course of action, rather than necessarily the easiest. I am strongly opposed to surveillance. My prevailing mindset is to be calm and do one activity at a time, for a stressed, distracted mind makes unsound decisions. I assume good faith in others.

My priorities include creating harmony, structure, and stability wherever I am able to do so. I am the most frequent user of the physical body in our system, which affords me greater freedom in realising these goals. I frequently plan and perform activities with a long-term benefit rather than a short-term benefit; in other words, I adhere to the concept of delayed gratification. I am generally opposed to possessing physical objects that do not have a useful, functional purpose, for I am already able to own objects for aesthetic pleasure in my inner world. I purchase and consume only what I need, and live a chiefly prudent existence.

My likes include children, nurturing, feeding others, protecting others, teaching, open-mindedness, inclusivity, braids, exhibitionism, reading, poetry, mental and physical endurance, planning, yoga, cold showers, sex, proper manners, justice, free software, science, and logic. My dislikes include ignorance, superstition, demagoguery, oppression, proprietary software, a lack of empathy, and a lack of respect for the law. My favourite works include: the book, “Nonviolent Communication”, by Marshall Rosenberg; the music of Samuel Ervin Beam, Jami Sieber, and Shira Kammen; the paintings of Norman Percevel Rockwell; and the opera, “Der Ring des Nibelungen”, by Wilhelm Richard Wagner.

I hope, upon having read this, that you have a thorough understanding of who I am. I furthermore hope that I am someone you wish to speak to. If you prefer to conjure a more detailed image of me in your mind, you may read more about my appearance and mannerisms here. Please be warned that this page contains partial nudity.